Mark Pinsky shares "CDFI Friendly Cities" a fresh approach to community development

Community development financial institutions or otherwise known as CDFIs are powerful tools that are an important player within the continuum of credit spectrum to strategically deploy capital within disadvantaged communities. CDFIs partner with banks and other community development entities to realize the power of partnerships to realize impact.

In a newly released podcast, Mark Pinsky shares a few stories of his CDFI journey and will share his new CDFI Friendly Cities initiative and his deep thoughts about community development.

Mark will share his insights on how communities gain access to valuable and financing for small business, commercial real estate and housing and how you facilitate and lower the costs for CDFIs to expand their coverage and increase their financing activity into new, underserved CDFI markets. He will also share how CDFI investors expand opportunities and attract new investors who have previously lacked knowledge of and opportunities to invest in CDFIs.

Join us on a CDFI journey to transform communities through the power of economic development and the Community Reinvestment Act. Get ready for a fun and meaningful listen!

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Here are a few highlights and additional links to explore:

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